The Moonlighter outsourcing involved careful planning and execution at every stage of the process. The project lasted for 4 years and involved the following processes:

  • Conceptualization: The central idea of the game is the combination of dungeon exploration and shop management elements. This unique combination was the key to its success.
  • Gameplay development: Designing gameplay systems, mechanics, controls, and character progression. For the team, this involved creating challenging dungeons, exciting battles and the ability to manage and improve the protagonist's shop.
  • Design and art: Creating the level system, designing enemies, and the visual elements of the game. Moonlighter features a vibrant and pixelated art style. The idea was to reference games like Zelda or The Bind of Isaac.
  • Programming and technical development: Implementing artificial intelligence algorithms, game physics, and performance optimization.
  • Participation in Square Enix Collective: A program created by Square Enix to support independent developers. When we turned into Digital Sun company, we had the opportunity to present Moonlighter to the gaming community, receive valuable feedback, generate anticipation, and build a fan base before its release.
  • Kickstarter funding: Prior to its release, Digital Sun launched a Kickstarter campaign to obtain additional funds and secure the production of Moonlighter. The campaign was a success, raising $134,276.


  • Porting: The game was originally created for PC and was later ported to Xbox, PlayStation, and subsequently to Nintendo Switch.


Digital Sun


Art, Design, Production, programming

PLatforms and technologies:

Unity3D, Photoshop, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo


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