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The client approached us to develop a game prototype that could be presented to publishers for funding. The initial idea presented by the client was for a complex and innovative game that had no similar competition in the market.

The game involved three players coordinating to operate a spaceship in real-time, each player assuming a different role and competing against other players controlling their spaceship. The objective of each game was to find the “snitch” and escape through the portal before other players. Achieving this objective required a high level of coordination among the players controlling the spaceship and surviving attacks from other players.

Technologically, the project was complex. Firstly, it involved using multiplayer technology in a way that is not usually used (3 users controlling the same object), which has led to many modifications to the multiplayer code and numerous bug fixes that were completely unexpected and for which there were no references on the internet.


On the other hand, the complexity of the size of the scenario was also a challenge. As it is a space game in which the ships can travel long distances, a multitude of advanced techniques had to be used to prevent the graphic engine from breaking due to handling very high values (greater than what can be represented with 32 bits).

The game’s artwork required extensive exploration to determine the appearance of the game’s different factions, each spaceship’s components, and the artistic style. The style was intended to be original and similar to Manchu but in a 3D game, which had not been done before. This required advanced real-time post-processing and lighting techniques.

On the other hand, high-capacity hardware was required, so we also had to work on optimizing the project to reduce the graphics load.


Endeavour SBS


programming, art, design, production


Unity3D, Photon, 3DMax, Photoshop

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