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Eleon Game Studios hired us to help them improve the early game retention of new Empyrion players. The game is a very complex and innovative and that has been on the market since 2015 and has a massive community of active players. 

First we spent some time analyzing the game and understanding their team’s internal workflows and interactions with the community. 

Since our incorporation to the project, we have started to implement the agile work methodology based on Scrum, to improve the organization, communication and progress of the team.

Also our focus has been to improve the first time user experience in order to retain new players joining the universe. After some time they outstaffed an additional programmer to help with critical elements of the game.

This way we are perfectly aligned with the Eleon Team, chasing the same objectives and managing the same production times. We are still working together and helping them shape the future of Empyrion.


Eleon Games Studio


programming, design, production

Platforms and Technologies

Unity3D, PC

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