BVR: Basketballers Versus

BVR: Basketballers Versus


BVR contacted us to help them in the development of his game. The first 6 months of development we were focus on these 4 important things:

1. Management prototype: The basic structure that allows you to buy and sell characters, RPG features to progress and customize them, and the general structure that will be the base of the game.

2. Art / Cinematics: For marketing purposes we created a cinematic where you can already feel the gameplay and aim you to see the character’s animations, court, 3D assets, visual effects…

3. Character generation: we focused on creating a whole system on how to generate the characters, that are the main piece of the game. How to generate the characters and correlation between visuals and gameplay: the gameplay style of the character will have a direct impact on the visuals, for example making “strong-looking” a baller that has a strong defensive playstyle.

Anatomic differences thanks to the UMA tech: We will have different heights, body fat and proportions on each archetype. And finally, clothing adjustment and availability: the same clothes will adapt the size to each body type and will be available to all characters.

4. Shooting demo: shooting demo to the basket and ball physics’ approach, with no other feature or implementation. We started with action gameplay in October, where our focus was to create a nice 3vs3 gameplay and where we are actually working on the implementation of features and fun search.

The idea is to reach an online arcade style gameplay, where you can play a bunch of different styles and each player is unique. Characters will have fantasy powers too and an arcade/street feeling playstyle.




programming, Art, Design, Animation

PLatforms and technologies:


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