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Welcome game developers, publishers and game entrepreneurs!

Soon we will leave 2022 behind and start this new year 2023 with new goals and projects. One of the most exciting ones will be this blog.

It will not be a blog just sharing no-one-cares updates about our company achievements, we are not going to deliver empty posts without value. Rather we prefer to focus on trying to add real value to you by creating posts that can be of relevance for your current and future projects.

Some of us, have been in the video game industry since 2008, and operating as Brave Zebra on the game outsourcing market since 2013. So based on our experience we will share those insights that were useful for us to survive, improve, deliver and raise the bar.

We will explain how we work, which are our values and what makes us a comfortable and reliable partner to work seamlessly as an extension of your team.

With each post we will try to open a window to the behind-the-scenes of Brave Zebra, so you can know us even before reaching out. Because for us having a natural relationship is at the core of the company and what makes us enjoy our work.

When communication is transparent and honest, we can easily align together, share and understand your vision to feel compromised with your final goal. This allows us to feel your project as our own, and that makes us enjoy and enter on a virtuous circle that raises productivity, results and team satisfaction.

Wouldn’t be sad working on creating fun while not being fulfilled by our daily work?


We love what we do, because we seek natural down-to-earth communications that allows us to easily align and feel your project more personal, and therefore, enjoy it as ours.

Our intention as a game outsourcing studio, is to add value and help on this complex and amazing work of making video games. So, stay tuned, we hope that all the information we share, makes your work easier.

There are many ways to deal with game outsourcing challenges and here we will show the Brave Zebra’s way. So, we invite you to follow our updates here and subscribe on Linkedin so you don’t miss anything.

Welcome to Brave Zebra’s Blog!

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