Crafting engaging game tutorials

You’ve spent countless hours honing your game’s mechanics, perfecting its visuals, and fine-tuning its storyline. Then, it becomes time to introduce your players to your virtual world, grasp its intricacies, and immerse them in the gameplay. That’s where tutorials come in. They serve as the gateway for players to step into your game universe with […]

Mastering Remote Collaboration: 5 key practices for Seamless Team Integration

Working with remote teams can be challenging, especially if you are not used to it. You need to establish clear communication, trust and alignment with your partners, as well as deliver value and feedback regularly. In this post, we will share with you some best practices that we follow at Brave Zebra. These tips will […]

Shift-Left: Why is it a key part of your game development?

The Shift-Left concept is unconsciously applied in many production areas, especially in software companies, where processes are divided into very detailed tasks. Does it sound familiar? Let us explain it to you! In Agile methodology, there is always a demand for division not only in terms of results but also in terms of processes. This […]

Good, Beautiful and Cheap Outsourcing Solutions

In video game development, striking the right balance between quality, aesthetics, and costs is the challenge for the success of any project. The Good, Beautiful and Cheap combo embodies the challenges and decisions we face as professionals. Let’s talk about the intricacies of these combinations and understand why finding the right balance is crucial. Table […]

Mastering community feedback integration for game development

Developing an online game that’s actively played and loved by a passionate community is quite a challenge, isn’t it? But don’t panic, we’re here to tackle one of the most crucial aspects: how to incorporate community feedback into your development process. We understand you want your game to be amazing, and to achieve that, listening […]

Game Design Validation in the First Stage of Development

Game development is a complex process that involves multiple stages, each with its unique challenges. One of the most critical stages is the initial one, also known for their initial prototypes as blockouts. This stage is where game programmers along with game designers create a prototype of the game using the simplest forms, such as […]

Achieving Agile Excellence: Balancing Time and Resources in Game Development


Table of Contents In the process of making a video game, there are many important factors to align, and one of the critical aspects to ensure success in the development is effectively managing the time and resources we have for the project. As a project manager and an expert in Agile methodologies, you must understand […]

Project Planning Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


Often, we see that most common mistakes in a project occur when we don’t plan well from the beginning. This poor planning later leads to delays, deviations in development, and a loss of focus on the project, significantly impacting its success. We frequently receive proposals for new projects to start working on, and many times […]

Our experience on Global Game Jam: lessons learned and tips for your next game jam


A Game Jam is one of the most exciting and intense events in the video game industry. In just one weekend, 4 of our team members at Brave Zebra: Álex Zacarés, Kiko Alfaro, Sergio Francés and Alejandro Guerrero, have participated in the Global Game Jam 2023 along with a fifth member, Erik Rueda Estévez  to create a […]