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About Us

BraveZebra is a Power-up for your videogame project, we work as an extension to your team.

What do we offer?

We offer a full range of outsourcing services for the videogame industry including: Unity3D / UDK Development, 2D/3D Art, Design, QA, Localization, Audio, etc.

We would love to take care of the full development of your game.

We like to establish long-term relationships with our customers based on quality and trust.

Why hire us?

1. Make your game great.

2. Deliver on time.

3. Be able to do more, better.

4. Be more flexible, using our diverse skill set.

How do we work?

We believe in long-term relationships. Building trust.

We believe in quality, and we work only with the best professionals.

We believe in adapting to the customer goals, needs and philosophy.

We believe in close communication and collaboration.

We believe in commitment, methodology and tools.

Game Development Services
(well, most of them)

Full game

We do our best when we can take care of the full development of a game for the customer (including: design, art, development, deployment, mainteinance) but we can also coordinate our professionals with your own team if you need a complementary set of skills. Our intention is always the same: to achieve the goals of the customer with the highest quality.

We usually work with Unity3D or UDK, depending on the needs of the project.

We have delivered games for the following platforms:

– iOS (iPad/iPhone)
– Android
– PC
– Facebook Games
– Web (Unity Web Player)

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We know art can take a lot of your time and make it hard to acomplish your deadlines. With our help, you will be able to do more, in less time, at a lower cost, and with the highest quality.

BraveZebra, as an outsourcer, offers a very wide range of art services, from developing incredible concepts to creating the complete visual aesthetics of your next-gen 3D game:

– 2D/3D Assets.
– 2D/3D Animation.
– Concept Art.
– Cinematics.

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Serious Games

Bravezebra can work on your serious game. Wether you want to impress one of your potential clients with an amazing 3D recreation of your newest project, or simply have your staff go through a guided tour using Virtual Reality, this is the way to go.

We can provide serious games for a wide variety of purposes: health and safety, marketing, education… there are many possibilities.

And of course, we develop using the latest technology.

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Bravezebra can help you increase your quality standards and introduce your game to more markets.

We offer systematic quality assurance, adapted to your standards (or the industry standard you choose) leaded by senior professionals, achieving the best results.

We can help you define your testing strategy and work with our own tracking tool or adapt to your processes, tools and complement your internal QA.

We also offer localization services, we can introduce games to all the Spanish-speaking markets taking care of the translation and QA.

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as a team

Rubén Picó

Project Director

My goal at BraveZebra is to make sure the customers get a little more of what they asked us for.

I like to move among the shadows that lie between the customer needs and the technological solutions that solve them. Working with excellent teams to deliver these solutions is where I do my best.

All-time favourite games: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Alex Kid, Sonic, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Metal Gear Solid, Age of Empires, Uncharted.

Javi Giménez


My goal at BraveZebra is to make sure we are the company we want to be and also the company that our customers need. It’s not really that hard with such a great team!

If we were in the 1930’s I would like to make movies, in the XXI century I want to build great games adding all my experience and passion as a serial entrepeneur to BraveZebra.

All-time favourites:  Monkey Island I&II, Civilization IV, X-Com, Diablo, League of legends.

Team & Partners

Right now, our core team includes 16 professionals, all of them working at our offices in Valencia and experts in their fields. Besides our core team, we have access to a huge amount of both internal and external talent, including alliances with some of the best art and technology schools in Spain (ESAT, UPV, Florida, etc.).

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Contact Information

Please get in touch with us for additional information about BraveZebra. Our offices are in Valencia (Spain). If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact us.


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